Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Prayer

Thank You Lord for all the many blessings I have recieved. Thank You for all the Blessings My Family has received. Please continue to bless each and every one of us so that we may be more of a blessing to others. AMEN

Thats my favorite Prayer. I have said it hundreds of times and it means a lot to me. It says what I want it to say and it gives thanks even when times are not so good, because lets admit it, we dont always feel blessed.

But that last line brings every thing together.

So that we may be more of a blessing to others.

You see, I don't think we were put here to find true "happyness" , to achieve Nirvana, to become one with the universe. I think we were put here to learn and to grow and to help others to learn and to grow. All that other stuff will come later. If we learned and grew and helped others.

Each little bit of knowledge you gain. it's a blessing. Each bite of food you take, its a blessing. Each opportunity to help another, its a blessing. If you are secretly correcting the spelling in this blog, Well Bless your heart.

Now this is where my sense of humor seems to take over. Where I work I sometimes feel like I am surrounded by Idiots. Why did I wind up there? What did I do to deserve this? Well after giving it some thought , I could only come to one solution. Obviously those people need help and the Lord, in his infinite wisdom , sent me over here to help them...LOL.

Lead by example, even when no one is watching.

Even when you are surrounded by sadness and unhappiness it is possible to make yourself feel good. We have been blessed with the ability to chose. and we should always chose to feel good. It is important and it is contagious. So feel good and as Spock would say, "Live long and Prosper".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So you think you can dance

So the year is 1961, I was 4 years old.

My cousin Clay is at the start of the video. Then I am the adorable little 4 year old. The real Dancer was of course my Brother Van. and Then I guess we had a shortage of things to drum on So my older Brother Jack just Drums on Clay's Head.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Come , Easy Go. Well maybe not so easy.

Dear Reader,
I am not sure why the date above says April, it is actually Nov.15 2009

Hi, how have you been. I hope all is well with you and yours. Hope this
reaches you at a time when things are looking up.

Yes I know I have not written in quiet a while. Things have been uneasy around here for the last few months. But everything is starting to get better. I promise that I will write more often now. You can take that as a blessing or a curse, your choice.

I tried to make it work you know. I said all the right things, but sometimes, I guess, Things just are not meant to be. She left again.

I could go into all the boring details but I'm sure you dont want to hear about that stuff. Theres not even any good juicy stuff to throw back and forth at each other. It just didn't work out like I had hoped that it would.

Now the population in my house has changed. Now there is me and my two son-in-laws and my new grandson. 3 1/2 Men

My Two Daughters, and 6 Grand Daughters. 8 Women

and my oldest Daughter is pregnant. ? we dont know yet

But I have chosen to be stubborn and leave My blog with the same name. 1man9women

I have been a service electrician for a long time. And I could really tell some stories about things I have stumbled across in people's attics. But most of my stories would just be boring for those of you who are not Electricians.

Last week I was at an older ladies house. She had called and said there were some wires in her attic that were burned and she was afraid they might be a fire Hazard. And after inspecting her attic I did indeed find burned wire in her attic and It was in fact a very dangerous situation up there.

It was a rather large house located on the outskirts of Fort Worth. More of a ranch than a house actually. She had a huge sprawling front lot with a motorized gate that you had to go though to drive down to her house. There was one lone donkey in the pasture behind the house.

An older woman with a very sharp Texas accent and a huge smile she was not suprised when I told her that her electrical system needed to have some very serious repairs. She Asked me straight away " Is it dangerous?" and I of course explained about the open splices and burned wires and told her that she was lucky the place hadn't already caught fire and burned.

She look up towards the ceiling and told me that her husband Had done all that . He had added stuff and was sort of an wanna-be electrician. The she said,....." That old Sum-Bitch been dead Three years and he is still trying to kill me" .

I am glad I wasn't drinking milk cause it would have come out of my nose. I laughed out loud and so did she.

I was just getting my breath back when she pointed out the kitchen window at a lone oak tree in the Back pasture.

" I buried him out there under that tree. He planted that tree when we first moved here. He took care of that tree I think, sometimes better than he took care of this old house."

I said " Well thats a nice thing you did for him"

She said " Yeah, you would think so wouldn't you. but every now and then when I find out about some of the things he done, well,... I tie that old donkey up to that tree, and well,... that donkey will stand there and pee all over him. Doesnt hurt him any but makes me feel a lot better."

I worked on that house for the better part of two days, I never once stopped smiling.

Remember it is important that you always feel good.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten ways to NOT to research your family tree

I have been researching my Family tree for a long time now. I think I am a pretty good detective by now.

I have made every mistake you can make in hunting for dead relatives. Except for actually digging one up. Hadn't done that yet. I hate shovels, they look too much like work.

There are a ton of reasons why you would not want to research your family tree? But that is a list for another time. Today I want to give you my list of how Not to research your family tree.

Get it? How Not to Research Your Family Tree. What that actually means is if you are going to do some family research, these are ten things not to do.

Ten Ways to Not Research Your Family Tree

1. Avoid asking any family members about Uncle John.

2. Never ever look at old family photos to check if there is any writing on the back of them.

3. Those old stories that Grandma use to tell, Try to forget them, and definitely dont record them in any way.

4. Believe everything you read on the internet. It's all got to be true.

5. Do not make any charts, heck your memory is good. You don't need any charts.

6. That old bible you found with the writing in it. Don't try to figure out what it says, it probably just nonsense anyways. Give that book to your neighbor for their garage sale.

7. Avoid family reunions. Too much gossip at those kind of get-togethers.

8. Never visit any Graveyards, Those places are spooky!

9. By all means , never share your information with anyone. Thats your research , let everyone else do their own research!

10. When you take pictures of your family be sure you never put any labels on them. Let future generations figure them out for themselves.

****** Bonus ******

Friday, March 6, 2009


I made this video a few years ago I almost forgot that I had it on youtube. There is one bit in the video where I was teaching the two girls how to jump and it still makes me laugh.

Feel good,


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back To Business

President Obama is a very good speaker. I hardly ever watch those things. I feel they are more of a cheerleading exercise than anything else, but I wanted to see the new President in his first address to Congress and I think it went well. But what do I know.

I just can't get over the applause aspect of those meetings. Those poor Congressmen must have really sore hands the day after one of those things.

Standing ovation when the President arrives.

Another when he is introduced.

He says "Hi", ....Standing ovation.

I think he sneezed once and got a standing ovation. But only the Republicans stood up for that.

The Democrats would stand and applaud when the Pres would say something they liked and the Republicans would stand when he mentioned something in thier favor. Both parties would stand when he would say something Generic.

As I was watching this little lovefest I started to get angry. Because I realised it was same as it has always been. You see.... I know what kind of speech he needs to make to congress.

Those people who were applauding when thier special interest was mentioned, well they are the one who got us into the the mess we are in right now. Congress has caused all the problems we have.

The Presidents first line in his speech should have been.

" What the HELL are you guys doing?"

Second line should be.

" Why are you sitting here applauding me when YOU could be fixing our country?"

and it should continue with.

"Our country is in trouble and You, the legislative branch of our government, has let it happen."


"Now get off you asses and go fix it!"

Congress might not give him an ovation for that speech, but the country would.

********Remember....It is important that YOU always feel good *****

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbecue Chips and Conspiracy Theories

As I sat down here to write my blog. I was considering writing a blog about the greatness of the Barbecue Potatoe Chip. Then other thoughts came into my mind.

I can hear you thinking to yourselves out there, "Oh crap! Roy's thinking again".

But wait, hear me out.

I have a friend at work who believes every theory out there. According to him we never went to the Moon,the earth is Flat, the government is is keeping the private companies from perfecting the Battery that last forever.

He has told me that there have been light bulbs invented that never burn out and somehow the oil companies have squelched the production of them just so that thay can keep selling more oil. That one I don't understand but I humor him because once he gets on a roll it's hard to stop him.

I have to get my responses out there so everyone knows where I stand on these conspiracies.

We did go to the moon. I saw it on T.V. Thats good enough for me and that settles it.

Batteries have been invented that last a very long time. and they are available and rechargable so ...duh.

They have invented a light bulb that will last for decades and even longer. But they cost like 14 Million dollars to produce.

Oswald did it , he did it alone. We just were not prepared for it. We didn't take all the precautions we should have . We didn't think it was possible but it happened and we learned from it and it would take a real conspiracy for it to happen again.

The 9/11 Tradgedy was not a government conspiracy. We just were not prepared for it. We didn't take all the precautions we should have . We didn't think it was possible but it happened and we learned from it and it would take a real conspiracy for it to happen again.

Elvis is Dead. Hundreds of people walked by his casket, and not one of them saw him breathing.

There is no Loch Ness Monster. Big Foot was just some guy in a gorilla suit.

The earth is round. If it wasn't round then National Geographic would have been to edge and reported it to us.

Dolly Parton's boobs are fake. Her Voice is real.

Nixon knew about Watergate and he did try to cover it up. My kids don't know what Watergate is.

Blue M & M's do have magical powers. They are outlawed in my house, we have enough kids here already.

NOW..... I feel better now. Im going to eat some Barbecue Chips and relax because it is Sunday.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama's Ears

Today just a few things that are on my Mind.

The Press Conference

First off, I watched the press conference on T.V. last night. I really wanted it to go well for our new President. But Damn, those ears are huge. And he wouldn't look at the camera, his head just kept going from side to side. I think maybe there was a fan in the room, and the wind kept blowing on them ears like big sails on a sailboat.

I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, All I could think of was how much he must spend on cotton swabs to wash them big babies. I had the same problem with President Clinton, He has a great big red nose. I could never watch him give a speech, had to listen with my eyes closed.

Jessica Simpson

By now everyone has seen the picture. Jessica and the high top jeans. Whats the big fuss about? I still think she is hot.

She calls me all the time. (A lot of really hot women do. But thats another story)Last night she called me and told me a secret. Sorry Tony, but I promised I wouldn't tell.

The Economic Bail-out

Yeah right, best joke of the year and it's on all of us.

More Later.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Reasons The World Will NOT End in 2012

The world will Not End in the year 2012. I have interviewed a number of very famous and well known fictional mediums. And they all have told me that the world will not end in the year 2012.

The top ten reasons are below.

1. Microsoft is putting out a new version on windows in 2012. (We all know how well they keep a schedule)

2. The Cowboys will WIN the NFL Championship that year. That big crackling sound we will hear will be Hell freezing over, not the world ending.

3. That Guy who wrote the Mayan Calender, well... He was a Cowboys fan.

4. They discovered that drinking red wine will make you live longer. I figure I will be around well into the next century.

5. Marissa Tomei will win an Academy Award in 2013. ( Don't say It Couldn't Happen.)

6. An unknown virus will infect Washingon DC and wipe out all the politicians, Who will survive?.... We Will.

7. L Ron Hubbard hasn't scheduled the spaceship to get here until 2014.

8. There will still be plenty of comic books that haven't been made into bad movies.

9. The warranty on my new car will expire Jan 1 2013.

10. Christian Bale said it wouldn't.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Probably can't make money online showing pictures of my favorite recipes but I can sure live off my favorite recipes.

If you remember a couple of weeks back I wrote a post about how I like to make bread.

My grand-daughter Alexis and I are the breadmakers. She loves to get her hands into the stuff and thats okay because that is what making bread is all about. Its a "hands on experience".
It can get messy but cleaning up is half the fun. You should look at everything as fun and entertaining. and the reward is this.

It is onion Bread, my favorite. And it was extremly good. I make bread almost every weekend, So come on over and we will have bread and chat for awhile. I can send you the recipe just e-mail me.

Feel Good

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just press Delete

No doubt some of you have noticed that yesterdays post has disappeared. I deleted it. Hope you didn't come here hoping to read it again.

Was it an accident? No , it just wasn't up to my usual standards.

STANDARDS!...hahaha Yes I got stardards.

Now I gotta go make some corn bread, I may or may not be back.


Ok so I made some cornbread and it was so good.
If you want the recipe just e-mail me.

So how do you like your cornbread? Sweet or not sweet.
I personally dont like sweet cornbread.

I made a banner. I think it still needs some work but tell me what you think.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The Banking Crisis

Why dont they ever give you enough deposit slips with your order of checks? I always run out of deposit slips way before I run out of checks. My Bank probably thinks its funny. They planned it that way you know.

I'm sure there was a meeting and some marketing genious said "Hey, why dont we just put 4 deposit slips on the back of every checkbook." "That way when they run out of deposit slips then we sell them another whole box of checks."

The problem is , when you run out of deposit slips you have to go inside the bank. I much prefer to use the drivethru. When you go inside You have to use thier pen (which is allways out of ink) and I have this fear that when I'm inside the bank, thats when some wiseguy is going to rob the bank and hold me hostage.

The reason the wiseguy will be robbing the bank........well he ran out of deposit slips and he just went a little nuts. Plus he had to borrow my pen to write the ransom note because the Bank's pen was out of ink.

Then the S.W.A.T. team shows up and every one gets gassed and I get shot , and it would have all been avoided if they would just give everyone more deposit slips. Yup I prefer the Drive-Thru.

I am 52 years old, I got that way by using the Drive-Thru. The kids wouldn't pay the ransom anyways. I know ... they are the ones that keep saying" Just go inside the bank, Daddy"

I get the last laugh though. I'm leaving all my money to the cat. That cat never once asked me to go inside that Bank.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Family History

I am the Keeper of my Family History. I have been researching my Family History for many years and I will continue to do so probably until I can't log on to my computer anymore.

I spend tons of money and countless hours on this research. There is a filing cabinet in my office that is overflowing with files and photos and letters that I really need to get organized.

In my family tree (and in almost everyones) there are some heros and there are some not so heroic figures also.

Our children need to know. In everyone the is an inborn desire to know where you came from. Why you look like you do? My Grandkids are extremly beautiful and I know they didnt get that from me. is great. I can spend hours and hours there. If you ever get a chance you should go there and see if you can solve some of your family puzzles. It's fun to be a detective and search out the little things that never get talked about, but just beware. You might find out something that was kept secret for a long time. And YES, All families have secrets hidden in thier Family Tree

My Family came to the USA from England in the mid-1600's. They settled in New Jersey. They moved from there to the Carolinas and then to Arkansas and eventually we wound up in the great State of Texas. We have had heros and scoundrels in every war.

One thing I have noticed is that I come from a long line of Preachers and farmers. I sometimes joke that there was not an honest living made by any of them. But I guess Farming is good honest work.

Keep records and tell your children about your history. They WANT to know.

I promised you in my last blog to put pictures of Alexis and Haley on here today so here they are.


Remember it is important that You always FEEL GOOD

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Greatest Blog Ever

Zoom, Zoom, BEEP BEEP,

There I was driving to one of my jobs yesterday and I got an idea. And I says to myself " Myself, this would make a great blog. Matter of fact THIS COULD MAKE THE GREATEST BLOG EVER!"

I should have written it down, because I have completely forgotten what it was. But I know it was really outstanding. You were that close to reading the greatest blog ever. Now before you get mad at me, just think about this for a second.

If I had actually written the greatest blog ever then, well every other blog that you read from now on would be a big let down. I may have done you a tremendous favor by not writing the Greatest Blog Ever. Please post all your "thank you"s in the comment section below.

Have you ever met the guy who insist on pulling out his pictures of his Grandkids and showing them to you one by one? Don't worry, I only post my pictures 2 or three times a year and I space them out.

All my Grandkids are blonde and blue eyed. They get thier hair from me. I can prove it, I hardly have any hair left. Now this picture is of four of my Grand-daughters.
I will post pictures of my other two Grand-Daughters tommorrow.

I need some followers. Just click the link over there and I will do my best to keep you smiling and maybe even point you in the right direction every now and then.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday is officially "No Yelling" Day

Around my house it can get pretty loud at times.

Why do people in separate rooms try to carry on conversations? Wouldn't it be easier to stand up and walk into the other room and talk like normal people?

It usually goes like this. One child yells at the other about something. Then another yells at them to shut-up. Then the one watching the t.v. turns up the volume. Then they all yell at that one and the volume gets louder and then they all holler at the top of thier lungs. MOM!!!! make so and so be quiet.

So I made a sign and posted on our "Magic" board. We all have one don't we. It's the erasable marker board that is also magnetic.It hangs on the wall in the Kitchen.

Anyways the sign say: Friday is "NO YELLING DAY" . We will see if it works.

One other question. Why do children, and even some grown-ups, try to talk to me through the bathroom door?

***** I joined a team build for the Work for 3 dollars program. You might want to check it out. Teambuilds are a great way to build a downline.

***** Don't forget the birthday bonus club. It is growing at an outstanding rate. Just imagine waking up on your birthday and getting hundreds of alertpayments of $5.00 each. There is also a teambuild for it here.

***** Instantpayout.3900 is still going very strong. I have recieved over 11 payments in my alertpay account.

We may be a loud bunch at my house but we are a very happy bunch also. Sometimes we express our happiness very loudly. The joy of listening to 9 women all laughing and having a good time is never dull and it always makes me smile.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making Bread with the Grandkids

Ok, I admit it. I like to make bread.

Making bread can be a load of fun and I recomend it to anyone and everyone. Its kind of like my meditation, ( everything to me is kind of like meditation). I make bacon bread, onion bread, big loafs , small loafs, dinner rolls,. Can't make donuts though, they never come out right.

Making bread is even more fun if you have a couple of grand-daughters helping. Flour goes everywhere. There is nothing better than getting kids involved.
And the look of pride on thier faces when everyone sits down to eat and they exclaim" We made the Bread".

But.... You will find dried up bread dough days later in places where you would never look for bread dough.

*****If you are a blogger then you should be following "The Friday Traffic Report". Jack Humphrey's Blog should be required reading for every blogger.******

I have added some of my favorite bloggers on the sidebar--->

*****tomorrow I will post a couple of links to new and exciting opportunities that I have been looking at.

Feel Good

Monday, January 5, 2009


Wonderful thing happened to me today. I woke up.

I started writng and then My mind started wandering around.

Thought of old songs. then I thought of old friends. I miss my brother who passed a few years ago. He was my best friend.

I thought of my ex-wife who is now my new girlfriend and the only woman I have ever loved.

I thought of each of my daughters and my wonderful grand-daughters.

The new house Im in isnt so new anymore. The winter is upon us and I really hate the cold , but I love coffee and cold weather is a good excuse to drink coffee.

I have worked hard to get to where I am in life and I know it could all crumble away.

I love the internet and I really like my daily blog.

Someone suggested that I should do a top ten list about something. Nah, all my list are always changing, my favorite one day might not be my favorite the next day.


I want to thank you all. I was able to write a very decent check to St.Judes , I hope you all do the same.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Won The Lottery

Bought a scratch-off lottery ticket yesterday. It cost me two dollars. WOOHOOO I won four dollars. Thats a 200 percent return on my money.I wish all my gambles paid off that well. And lets dont count all those scratch-offs that didn't win. That would take the fun out of it.

I'm a bit of a gambler. I love going to the casinoes and playing the craps table. but I would never try to make a living at it. The odds are just too great in favor of "the house".

I want to be "the house".

I once spent an entire day at the craps table. 9 hours solid standing and betting over and over. At the end of nine hours I was down maybe $50. So I went and sat at the slot machine to rest and put $20 in the machine and won $1500 in ten minutes. Go figure.

Oh, what did I do with the money? Next day blew it all on the craps table of course.
Thank god I had a scratch-off ticket in my car, paid for the gas money to get home.



Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Birthdays

No, before you get excited and run to wish me Happy Birthday. It's not my Birthday, my birthday is in September.

Speaking of birthdays, Here in the Dallas /Ft.worth metroplex in the winter of 1980. It was snowing like it had never snowed before.
My wife was feeling awfull and the roads were bad and she told me I had to take her to the emergency room.
I couldn't even pull my car up to the emergency room door. It was on a slight incline, and the pavement was too slick. Oh my god I had a headache.
I finally walked her across the parking lot and we got into the hospital and spent a very long agonizing night.

I was wondering to myself if I had ever had a worse night.

The next morning as I looked out of the Hospital room window at the fresh clean blanket of snow and then looked over to see the face of my newborn baby daughter, I realized that the worse night had become one of the most wonderful nights of my life.

Yup. I like birthdays.



Friday, January 2, 2009

The Caveman sings

Need a smile. Just scroll down to the video and watch it. Its a great song but I bet you didn't know that the singer was the famous caveman off of the commercials. Well maybe he's not but the resemblance is uncanny.

I really believe that "Thoughts become things". You have to think like a successful person. I have allways considered myself a success. I have never had to worry about money. I always finds a way.

Don't constantly think about your debts. All the universe will hear is "debt". And the universe will always give you what you want.

Oh and you are what you eat. So eat something really rich today.

Im not promoting anything today. just check the sidebar.

Feel good

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leave the lights up year round?

I have been offline for a couple of days. The holidays around here leave little time for anything else but the holidays. Today I need to take down the Christmas lights.

It was a major chore just putting them up and now I have to take them down. Would be probably easier to move. But I kind of like it here. I considered just leaving them up year round. I am a champion at procrastination. I work very hard at

Seems like every year we get more lights, I never buy them, they just sorta appear in the box where I keep christmas lights. I think the women buy new lights and sneak them into the box every year and then say " what are you talking about, they are the same as we had last year".

If I leave them up year round then they can't do that. But then the nieghbors would complain. You know what nieghbors I'm talking about, the ones with the perfectly manicured yard and freshly painted house. I distrust those people, everthing is just a little too perfect.

Excuse me, I have wandered too far off subject here.

The Christmas lights are waiting for me. Happy new year everyone and just remember