Monday, January 12, 2009

The Banking Crisis

Why dont they ever give you enough deposit slips with your order of checks? I always run out of deposit slips way before I run out of checks. My Bank probably thinks its funny. They planned it that way you know.

I'm sure there was a meeting and some marketing genious said "Hey, why dont we just put 4 deposit slips on the back of every checkbook." "That way when they run out of deposit slips then we sell them another whole box of checks."

The problem is , when you run out of deposit slips you have to go inside the bank. I much prefer to use the drivethru. When you go inside You have to use thier pen (which is allways out of ink) and I have this fear that when I'm inside the bank, thats when some wiseguy is going to rob the bank and hold me hostage.

The reason the wiseguy will be robbing the bank........well he ran out of deposit slips and he just went a little nuts. Plus he had to borrow my pen to write the ransom note because the Bank's pen was out of ink.

Then the S.W.A.T. team shows up and every one gets gassed and I get shot , and it would have all been avoided if they would just give everyone more deposit slips. Yup I prefer the Drive-Thru.

I am 52 years old, I got that way by using the Drive-Thru. The kids wouldn't pay the ransom anyways. I know ... they are the ones that keep saying" Just go inside the bank, Daddy"

I get the last laugh though. I'm leaving all my money to the cat. That cat never once asked me to go inside that Bank.

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