Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Come , Easy Go. Well maybe not so easy.

Dear Reader,
I am not sure why the date above says April, it is actually Nov.15 2009

Hi, how have you been. I hope all is well with you and yours. Hope this
reaches you at a time when things are looking up.

Yes I know I have not written in quiet a while. Things have been uneasy around here for the last few months. But everything is starting to get better. I promise that I will write more often now. You can take that as a blessing or a curse, your choice.

I tried to make it work you know. I said all the right things, but sometimes, I guess, Things just are not meant to be. She left again.

I could go into all the boring details but I'm sure you dont want to hear about that stuff. Theres not even any good juicy stuff to throw back and forth at each other. It just didn't work out like I had hoped that it would.

Now the population in my house has changed. Now there is me and my two son-in-laws and my new grandson. 3 1/2 Men

My Two Daughters, and 6 Grand Daughters. 8 Women

and my oldest Daughter is pregnant. ? we dont know yet

But I have chosen to be stubborn and leave My blog with the same name. 1man9women

I have been a service electrician for a long time. And I could really tell some stories about things I have stumbled across in people's attics. But most of my stories would just be boring for those of you who are not Electricians.

Last week I was at an older ladies house. She had called and said there were some wires in her attic that were burned and she was afraid they might be a fire Hazard. And after inspecting her attic I did indeed find burned wire in her attic and It was in fact a very dangerous situation up there.

It was a rather large house located on the outskirts of Fort Worth. More of a ranch than a house actually. She had a huge sprawling front lot with a motorized gate that you had to go though to drive down to her house. There was one lone donkey in the pasture behind the house.

An older woman with a very sharp Texas accent and a huge smile she was not suprised when I told her that her electrical system needed to have some very serious repairs. She Asked me straight away " Is it dangerous?" and I of course explained about the open splices and burned wires and told her that she was lucky the place hadn't already caught fire and burned.

She look up towards the ceiling and told me that her husband Had done all that . He had added stuff and was sort of an wanna-be electrician. The she said,....." That old Sum-Bitch been dead Three years and he is still trying to kill me" .

I am glad I wasn't drinking milk cause it would have come out of my nose. I laughed out loud and so did she.

I was just getting my breath back when she pointed out the kitchen window at a lone oak tree in the Back pasture.

" I buried him out there under that tree. He planted that tree when we first moved here. He took care of that tree I think, sometimes better than he took care of this old house."

I said " Well thats a nice thing you did for him"

She said " Yeah, you would think so wouldn't you. but every now and then when I find out about some of the things he done, well,... I tie that old donkey up to that tree, and well,... that donkey will stand there and pee all over him. Doesnt hurt him any but makes me feel a lot better."

I worked on that house for the better part of two days, I never once stopped smiling.

Remember it is important that you always feel good.