Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leave the lights up year round?

I have been offline for a couple of days. The holidays around here leave little time for anything else but the holidays. Today I need to take down the Christmas lights.

It was a major chore just putting them up and now I have to take them down. Would be probably easier to move. But I kind of like it here. I considered just leaving them up year round. I am a champion at procrastination. I work very hard at

Seems like every year we get more lights, I never buy them, they just sorta appear in the box where I keep christmas lights. I think the women buy new lights and sneak them into the box every year and then say " what are you talking about, they are the same as we had last year".

If I leave them up year round then they can't do that. But then the nieghbors would complain. You know what nieghbors I'm talking about, the ones with the perfectly manicured yard and freshly painted house. I distrust those people, everthing is just a little too perfect.

Excuse me, I have wandered too far off subject here.

The Christmas lights are waiting for me. Happy new year everyone and just remember


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