Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama's Ears

Today just a few things that are on my Mind.

The Press Conference

First off, I watched the press conference on T.V. last night. I really wanted it to go well for our new President. But Damn, those ears are huge. And he wouldn't look at the camera, his head just kept going from side to side. I think maybe there was a fan in the room, and the wind kept blowing on them ears like big sails on a sailboat.

I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, All I could think of was how much he must spend on cotton swabs to wash them big babies. I had the same problem with President Clinton, He has a great big red nose. I could never watch him give a speech, had to listen with my eyes closed.

Jessica Simpson

By now everyone has seen the picture. Jessica and the high top jeans. Whats the big fuss about? I still think she is hot.

She calls me all the time. (A lot of really hot women do. But thats another story)Last night she called me and told me a secret. Sorry Tony, but I promised I wouldn't tell.

The Economic Bail-out

Yeah right, best joke of the year and it's on all of us.

More Later.


Sunnyberra said...

(as for the name of your blog-it's hilarious, and just the same boat my dad's in right now)

I'm right there with you on Clinton's nose. Dear god, but it was distracting. So far, I've not noticed Obama's ears that much, but now it'll probably be the only thing I can think of when I see a speech or conference. Thank you for that. Really.

As for Simpson--I didn't see the big deal. She actually looked like a real person (but those jeans weren't great. In fact, they were horrible. But that wasn't her).

Jack Payne said...

I could never go the Clinto nose either. It really turned me off. Reminded me of W.C. Fields.

Obama's ears don't bother me nearly as much as his stammering. Ah, er, oh, ah...this kind of talk does not spur a lot of confidence.

When in doubt, befog the issue. I hope it isn't something like this that's behind all his stammering.

Roy said...

Hi Jack,

The Obama stammering was a little disconcerting. Almost like a David Letterman stammer. But those ears!!

If he ever was to get his head on Mt. Rushmore, His ears would cover up Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.

qiman's world said...

ofl found you on pyrabang lol. This is such a laugh. Thanks for starting off my morning in such a good way.