Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday is officially "No Yelling" Day

Around my house it can get pretty loud at times.

Why do people in separate rooms try to carry on conversations? Wouldn't it be easier to stand up and walk into the other room and talk like normal people?

It usually goes like this. One child yells at the other about something. Then another yells at them to shut-up. Then the one watching the t.v. turns up the volume. Then they all yell at that one and the volume gets louder and then they all holler at the top of thier lungs. MOM!!!! make so and so be quiet.

So I made a sign and posted on our "Magic" board. We all have one don't we. It's the erasable marker board that is also magnetic.It hangs on the wall in the Kitchen.

Anyways the sign say: Friday is "NO YELLING DAY" . We will see if it works.

One other question. Why do children, and even some grown-ups, try to talk to me through the bathroom door?

***** I joined a team build for the Work for 3 dollars program. You might want to check it out. Teambuilds are a great way to build a downline.

***** Don't forget the birthday bonus club. It is growing at an outstanding rate. Just imagine waking up on your birthday and getting hundreds of alertpayments of $5.00 each. There is also a teambuild for it here.

***** Instantpayout.3900 is still going very strong. I have recieved over 11 payments in my alertpay account.

We may be a loud bunch at my house but we are a very happy bunch also. Sometimes we express our happiness very loudly. The joy of listening to 9 women all laughing and having a good time is never dull and it always makes me smile.


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