Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten ways to NOT to research your family tree

I have been researching my Family tree for a long time now. I think I am a pretty good detective by now.

I have made every mistake you can make in hunting for dead relatives. Except for actually digging one up. Hadn't done that yet. I hate shovels, they look too much like work.

There are a ton of reasons why you would not want to research your family tree? But that is a list for another time. Today I want to give you my list of how Not to research your family tree.

Get it? How Not to Research Your Family Tree. What that actually means is if you are going to do some family research, these are ten things not to do.

Ten Ways to Not Research Your Family Tree

1. Avoid asking any family members about Uncle John.

2. Never ever look at old family photos to check if there is any writing on the back of them.

3. Those old stories that Grandma use to tell, Try to forget them, and definitely dont record them in any way.

4. Believe everything you read on the internet. It's all got to be true.

5. Do not make any charts, heck your memory is good. You don't need any charts.

6. That old bible you found with the writing in it. Don't try to figure out what it says, it probably just nonsense anyways. Give that book to your neighbor for their garage sale.

7. Avoid family reunions. Too much gossip at those kind of get-togethers.

8. Never visit any Graveyards, Those places are spooky!

9. By all means , never share your information with anyone. Thats your research , let everyone else do their own research!

10. When you take pictures of your family be sure you never put any labels on them. Let future generations figure them out for themselves.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


I made this video a few years ago I almost forgot that I had it on youtube. There is one bit in the video where I was teaching the two girls how to jump and it still makes me laugh.

Feel good,