Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back To Business

President Obama is a very good speaker. I hardly ever watch those things. I feel they are more of a cheerleading exercise than anything else, but I wanted to see the new President in his first address to Congress and I think it went well. But what do I know.

I just can't get over the applause aspect of those meetings. Those poor Congressmen must have really sore hands the day after one of those things.

Standing ovation when the President arrives.

Another when he is introduced.

He says "Hi", ....Standing ovation.

I think he sneezed once and got a standing ovation. But only the Republicans stood up for that.

The Democrats would stand and applaud when the Pres would say something they liked and the Republicans would stand when he mentioned something in thier favor. Both parties would stand when he would say something Generic.

As I was watching this little lovefest I started to get angry. Because I realised it was same as it has always been. You see.... I know what kind of speech he needs to make to congress.

Those people who were applauding when thier special interest was mentioned, well they are the one who got us into the the mess we are in right now. Congress has caused all the problems we have.

The Presidents first line in his speech should have been.

" What the HELL are you guys doing?"

Second line should be.

" Why are you sitting here applauding me when YOU could be fixing our country?"

and it should continue with.

"Our country is in trouble and You, the legislative branch of our government, has let it happen."


"Now get off you asses and go fix it!"

Congress might not give him an ovation for that speech, but the country would.

********Remember....It is important that YOU always feel good *****


Sunnyberra said...

I've yet to watch Obama's presidential speech (he is a good speaker--almost too good. I watched his campaign, and I found his inflection and tone slightly hypnotizing. I didn't like it). However, I *did* watch Bush's State of the Union Addresses. The clapping was frickin' hilarious :)

salomey5 said...

I must say, I like Obama. He's not perfect of course, but he's young, refreshing, and he gives people hope. It's important, especially in our current situation.

He came to Canada last week, and received a much warmer welcome than any of our own politicians ever would!

I didn't see the congress speech, but I did hear about the constant getting up phenomenon on some talk-show, it was quite funny!

Roy said...

Hi Sunnyberra and Salomey5, Yup President Obama has managed to gain a lot of support, I hope he can live up to expectations.
Thanks for stopping by.