Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Greatest Blog Ever

Zoom, Zoom, BEEP BEEP,

There I was driving to one of my jobs yesterday and I got an idea. And I says to myself " Myself, this would make a great blog. Matter of fact THIS COULD MAKE THE GREATEST BLOG EVER!"

I should have written it down, because I have completely forgotten what it was. But I know it was really outstanding. You were that close to reading the greatest blog ever. Now before you get mad at me, just think about this for a second.

If I had actually written the greatest blog ever then, well every other blog that you read from now on would be a big let down. I may have done you a tremendous favor by not writing the Greatest Blog Ever. Please post all your "thank you"s in the comment section below.

Have you ever met the guy who insist on pulling out his pictures of his Grandkids and showing them to you one by one? Don't worry, I only post my pictures 2 or three times a year and I space them out.

All my Grandkids are blonde and blue eyed. They get thier hair from me. I can prove it, I hardly have any hair left. Now this picture is of four of my Grand-daughters.
I will post pictures of my other two Grand-Daughters tommorrow.

I need some followers. Just click the link over there and I will do my best to keep you smiling and maybe even point you in the right direction every now and then.


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