Saturday, December 27, 2008

My favorite time of day is mealtime. With a large family though , mealtime is an adventure. There is always one kid who doesn't like what has been cooked and then there is another that can't sit still. There are likely to be several conversations going on at the same time.

I love it. Makes me smile. And when a little girl laughs and milk comes out her nose.....well you are never to old to laugh at that.

**** MyNetWealth Team has opened thier new social network site and I think its great. I firmly believe the future for internet marketing lies in social networks. So get in there and get to know others with your same interest and build you network!

***I joined another new matrix program. The cost is only $4.00. It looks promising. And the payoff for the top level is pretty good. 4DollarMatrix could be worth the money. I am just testing at the moment but if you want to join me all you will risk is only four bucks.

***Don't forget 3900 income. It growing like wildfire.

Okay next time you sit down for a big meal with lots of family and friends, make sure you observe everything. mealtimes make the best memories. Oh and dont forget to blow bubbles in your milk.


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