Saturday, December 20, 2008

Working as a team

I have much experience in working with a team. My houshold has to work as a team or it would be chaos around here.

Sometimes its a democracy where we all have a vote in whats going on.

Sometimes its a dictatorship, Im the daddy its my house and what I say is final. YEAH RIGHT! lol**** That hardly ever works anymore.

Really its all about give and take. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The answer is in knowing when to lead and when to follow.

***Alright, a little to heavy for a saturday morning so I will move on to other things.

***10 dollarswonder is still down. I trust these people so give them a little time. Im sure its a technical computer thing.

***Youdollarsworth is a great little program that has some big potential. I am pleased to be a part of this one and I have a good relationship with the admin. He is working hard to add bonuses and incentives to make this one of the better programs online today.

It requires a two dollar investment so it is accessible to almost everyone. Building a downline shouldn't be difficult at all. And the power of a large downline is remarkable so join now while it is early and build build build.

*** Speaking of building a large team, I have built several large downline in my life, the hardest part is getting those first few people. after that things get easier and after awhile the team will grow by itself. Just be a leader and be honest .

I love Christmas music



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