Sunday, December 21, 2008

Icing on the cake

Are you like me, do you like to get to the cake before they put icing on it? There is not much better tham warm chocolate cake with no icing.

Just be prepared to have a partially eaten cake thrown at you if you do this. All really good things have a risk. I think its a woman thing that all cakes have to have icing.

I look at it as a spiritiual thing. Icing changes the very essence of the cake. The spirit of the cake is changed by the taste and texture and even the color of the icing.

*** 10dollarswonder is back . I am glad. I really like this program and I have been promoting it for some time. There is lots of money being made on this program. It was just a temporary computer/internet glich thing.

*** It seems like every time I log onto I have new refferals. This is great . I was a little skeptical at first with the small payout per person but it is starting to add up.

I was thinking about puting in a payout request but I think I will wait a little while and let it build some more.If your in my downline I am working to bring you more spillover.

*** Back to the warm cake , if you cut a peice out of the center when no one is looking, "Warning", it is almost impossible to smush the cake back down to look like you didn't take any

Okay I am thinking about joining a MY NET WEALTH TEAM . I am sure you all have heard of it.
I haven't joined yet and I am researching it and everything is looking positive so far.I have talked to many people in the know and they all seem to like it.
If you have joined please let me know, if I decide to join I will let everyone here know first. It will definitely work out good as a team thing.

More tommorrow.



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