Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I smoke too much

Why is it that everytime I sit down in front of the computer I need a ciggerette?
I know I shouldn't smoke in the house. But the computer is in my room and I keep the door shut and window open. No kids allowed in here.

***Things are going great over at Another referral just yesterday. If you are in my downline I am working on getting you some spillover.

*** Just joined a new matrix that looks kind of promising. Seems very professional and the admin is accessible on the moneymaker group forum. Its called Your dollars Worth.
Its a two dollar matrix. I am thinking maybe I am joining too many of these small matrixes but they are only two bucks and the payouts not huge but I seem to build pretty large downlines.

*** Message Magic is starting to confuse me. Hey everyone sort of watch this one. I don't know why but I am feeling a little nervous about it. After the last pulse I have zero downline. I know I was recruited by someone and when it flips shouldn't my sponsor be below me?

*** Also having a few doubts about Team OrangeMoon. Before reinvesting I think we should see how things go.

COLD here today. I am going to make me a cup of hot coffee.

Remember it is important that you always feel good


Sammypants said...

Hey, been reading up on your blog. I can understand the need to smoke when at the computer, I am the same way with getting into a car.

-Sam (sammypants from MMG)

Roy said...

Yup same here. My girls make me keep a can of air freshener in the car. I think the stuff smells worse than the smoke.