Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fresh and New at 52

I quit smoking. Well ... almost. I have to admit that I have broken down a couple of times and lit one up. I have been smoking since I was 14 years old. It was time. Those few times I broke down and lit up, well They made me feel kinda high. You can put your own joke here.

I got a haircut. Decided it was time to embrace the Baldness. Been living with that combover for awhile now. But never again. But I am worried about sunburn and blinding people from the glare off my noggin.

Ran off the ex-wife a few months ago. Again, it was time. Remember when your mom told you not to hang out with certain people.

She was one of those people.

Need to get rid of some other stuff that has been clogging up my life too.

Like credit cards.

Tools. I don't know why but I seem to have an avalanche of tools in my house. Where did they all come from?

Dr.Peppers. I think they are probably worse than the ciggs. I am a Pepper are you a Pepper too.

There are shelves and more shelves full of VHS movies around here. We don't have a vhs player?????? I thought about putting them in the fireplace but if I recall right some of those movies really stunk.

Old Tax returns. I have file cabinets over there in the corner full of old papers like tax returns from the 80's and 90's. I looked over some of those the other day. I didn't do so well in the 90's.

The list goes on.

Remember, it is important that you always feel good.


Martin in Bulgaria said...

A man after my own heart!

Roy said...

Thanks for stopping by Martin. Hope your back feels better soon.

Sunnyberra said...

good luck with the no smoking - I quit last summer (after smoking for almost ten years). It's - a novel experience, being a nonsmoker, now *g*

Roy said...

Sunny, Glad you quit smoking too. Pixie and the Gang probably don't care much for smoke anyways.